Europe since 1789

Europe since 1789

Europe since 1789

Europe since 1789


Three years ago the author attempted an account of Europe from the French Revolution. The recent past, he believed then, had added much and brought considerable alteration in perspective.

The period since elapsed has added much more--not only a rush of events, but larger understanding of the epoch of our times, of which settlement is not yet complete.

Requests for a continuation covering the years since 1920 have caused the publishers to propose a revised and enlarged account. This has given the author opportunity not only to bring the narrative down to the beginning of 1924, but--following suggestions of friendly and lenient critics--to give more extended treatment, especially of some things in the first part of the volume.

In the earlier version the author wrote that his work had resulted from studies interesting to him studies elaborated in his teaching during some years, that his obligations to others were numerous, that not a few of his conclusions were based upon research and observation in Europe. He has since amplified his study during fifteen months' residence abroad. His obligations have greatly increased.

The publishers have contributed additional maps for further illustration of the volume.


Ann Arbor, Michigan, February 1, 1924.

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