A Richard Wagner Dictionary

A Richard Wagner Dictionary

A Richard Wagner Dictionary

A Richard Wagner Dictionary


This book is a result of the writer's experience in trying to learn something of Richard Wagner, the great poet-composer, and his works. Reading the usual run of books on the subject one comes across many casual allusions to people, places and other particulars which presuppose a certain knowledge on one's part that can be acquired only by broad reading or by delving deeply into the mass of material out of which the books are made.

It is with a view to providing a convenient volume of reference for the general reader that this dictionary has been compiled, thus promoting his understanding and appreciation of what he is trying to read or study.

Included, in the appendix, is a bibliography of some of the better-known books dealing with Wagner and various phases of his work, which it is hoped may be helpful, not only to the student but to the less-concerned reader as well.

The so-called Leading Motives of the music-dramas may also be found in the appendix, arranged under the proper headings for ready reference. It is well understood, of course, that the names or titles of the motives are purely arbitrary -- Wagner himself having no disposition to designate them by name -- but follow for the most part the common designations which have been given to them by various writers.

Wagner's Prose Works come in for considerable attention owing to their importance in gaining a thorough knowledge of the music revolutionist that he was and of his ideas.

Occasion has been taken in many instances to gather fresh facts in order to fill out adequately items which . . .

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