A Multi-Sector Study of Economic Growth

A Multi-Sector Study of Economic Growth

A Multi-Sector Study of Economic Growth

A Multi-Sector Study of Economic Growth


The research presented in this study had its beginning in the Institute of Economics at the University of Oslo in 1957. It was completed during the tenure of a Rockefeller Fellowship at the Department of Applied Economics, Cambridge University, in the course of the academic year 1958-1959.

My indebtedness to the milieu of economic research created at the University of Oslo by my teachers, Professors Ragnar Frisch and Trygve Haavelmo, will be evident to anyone who is familiar with that background. At the Department of Applied Economics I benefited from the encouraging comments made by Professor Richard Stone, and Dr. A. Ghosh, Professor James Henderson and Mr. A. D. Smith all read parts of the manuscript and provided useful suggestions. In addition I am indebted to Mr. J. Sandee of the Central Planning Bureau (the Hague) for helpful comments.

The study has also benefited from discussions arising during the course of seminars conducted at the Institute of Economics (Oslo), the Department of Applied Economics (Cambridge) and the Netherlands Economic Institute (Rotterdam).

At the final stage Mr. A. D. Smith read the complete manuscript, paying particular attention to the language.

Mr. Arne Amundsen, Mr. Juul Bjerke and Mr. Per Sevaldson of the Central Bureau of Statistics of Norway gave invaluable assistance in providing the multiplicity of statistics necessary for the empirical implementation of my model.

Norges Almenvitenskapelige Forskningsråd covered the computational expenses and A/S Norsk Varekrigsforsikrings Fond gave financial support to the project. Technical assistance was very generously provided by the Institute of Economics (Oslo) and the Department of Applied Economics (Cambridge).

To all these individuals and institutions I express my sincere gratitude.

Oslo, September 1959 LEIF JOHANSEN

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