A Victor Hugo Encyclopedia


Though he wrote more than a century ago, French author Victor Hugo (1802-1885) continues to capture the imagination of contemporary readers both in France and around the world. In the United States, he is best remembered as the author of the novel Les Miserables (1862), which has been adapted for the stage, and of Notre-Dame-de-Paris (1831), more commonly known to Americans as The Hunchback of Notre Dame. But Hugo was also a poet and politician, a great religious and social thinker, and one of the most important shapers of French Romanticism. This reference book is a comprehensive guide to his life and literature. The volume begins with a biography that places Hugo within the context of 19th-century France. The alphabetically arranged entries that follow discuss his works, characters, and themes, as well as historical persons and places. Many of the entries cite sources of additional information, and the volume closes with a selected, general bibliography.

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  • 1999


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