The Problem Isn't Age: Work and Older Americans


Preface I: Introduction Prospects for Older Worders: The Demographic and Economic Context by Steven H. Sandell Labor Market Problems and Employment Policies Affecting Older Americans by Steven H. Sandell II: Labor Market Problems The Reduced Pay of Older Job Losers: Age Discrimination and Other Explanations by David Shapiro and Steven H. Sandell Age Changes in Productivity and Earnings Among Managers and Professionals by Paul Andirsani Market for Part-Time Employment by Jim Jondrow, Frank Brechling, and Alan Marcus Older Workers, Job Displacement, and the Employment Service by Terry R. Johnson, Katherine P. Dickinson, and Richard W. West III: Policies and Prospects Government Employment and Training Programs, and Older Americans by Kalman Rupp, Edward Bryant, Richard Mantovani, and Michael Rhoads Increasing Employment Opportunities for Older Workers: Emerging State and Local Institutions by James O. Gollub Work Alternatives for Older Americans: A Management Perspective by Carolyn Paul Private-Sector Employment Practices for Older Workers by Lawrence S. Root and Laura H. Zarrugh Restructuring Social Security: How Will Retirement Ages Respond? by Gary S. Fields and Olivia S. Mitchell Health Plan Costs, Medicare, and Employment of Older Workers by Joseph M. Anderson, David L. Kennell, and John F. Sheils Retirement and Older Americans' Participation in Volunteer Acitivities by Carol Jusenius Romero IV: Conclusions The Problem Isn't Age: Conclusions and Implications by Steven H. Sandell Selected Bibliography Index

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Includes content by:
  • Steven H. Sandell
  • Paul Andrisani
  • Thomas Daymont
  • Robert L. Clark
  • Jim Jondrow
Publisher: Place of publication:
  • New York
Publication year:
  • 1987


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