Framework for Industrialization in Africa

Framework for Industrialization in Africa

Framework for Industrialization in Africa

Framework for Industrialization in Africa


This practical, solutions-oriented approach to African development provides a detailed overview of the steps needed for industrialization. It includes lessons from the developed world as well as descriptions of key facets of Africa's current environment. It outlines the resources now available to the nations of Africa and gives examples, both broad and specific, from other successful development programs. Policy makers, business professionals, and academics and students will find the overview presented in this book comprehensive and practical.


A specter haunts the economies of Africa at the dawn of the third millennium. After some thirty-five years or so of tinkering with economic progress, it is now transparent in many places that this was an exercise in a vicious circle. Efforts to enhance economic prosperity, based on an amalgam of policies forged on the anvil of the cold war, created or ignored other problems that increased the difficulty of industrialization.

Much of Africa is festering in a crucible of despair. Many Africans have felt a dire sense of entropy about the future of economic matters. The celebration of the warm and happy feeling derived from a sound education is increasingly halfhearted in the face of rising unemployment. The sense of economic security seems to be disappearing, and with ominous consequences. For the erstwhile communist-oriented nations of Africa, the virtually overnight switch to capitalism has been a baptism of fire.

The general state of poverty is deplorable. In urban settings the poor have been relegated to a precarious, insecure, hand-to-mouth existence. The very conveniences of modern living, may pose a threat to the urban poor: environmental pollution is rife, and hygiene standards are despicable. Without adequate economic relief for those who are down on their luck, the tendency is to perpetuate the scourge of corruption and street crime. Overcrowding in substandard housing, coupled with abysmal illiteracy and stark ignorance exist in enclaves where infections and diseases might be constant companions. All of this, coupled with the rising specter of unemployment, has made life untenable for many of the urban poor.

Some of the rural poor are still living in rugged isolation, clinging to the codes of living in places where the toothed wheel of the clock seems to have lurched to a halt.

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