The Study of Names: A Guide to the Principles and Topics

The Study of Names: A Guide to the Principles and Topics

The Study of Names: A Guide to the Principles and Topics

The Study of Names: A Guide to the Principles and Topics


An introduction and research guide to the study of names, or onomastics, this book covers a wealth of topics comprising the major areas of name study--personal names (anthroponyms), place names (toponyms), acronyms, and brand and trade names--and numerous special areas, such as designations for athletic teams, musical groups, and tropical storms, animal names, code names, and scientific nomenclature. In each case a discussion of underlying linguistic principles is illustrated by numerous fascinating examples. Additional features of the book include a glossary of terms, information on organizations and journals in the field, and a bibliography.


This book is the result of much thought as well as the collection of over 10 year's worth of materials (books, journal articles, clippings from magazines and daily newspapers, and general observation) related to various naming practices and patterns.

Initially, I simply collected the materials out of habit with no real intention of writing a book on the subject. As I began to look for a good uniform source of materials on this fascinating and addictive topic, I soon realized that none existed. Most of the materials were very specialized and dealt, sometimes in incredible detail, with minute subdomains of names. A few works were popular, undocumented, and generally poor attempts to deal with the very serious art and science of onomastics.

My reason for writing this volume is to share with others the fruit of my labors and to provide researchers and students alike with a scholarly and readable examination of the vast topic of names. As a caveat, the reader should be warned that it would be virtually impossible to touch all of the facets of names. Consequently, some degree of selectivity was exercised in the preparation of this study.


This book consists of 7 chapters, 4 appendices, and references.

Chapter 1 provides an introduction to the fundamentals of onomastics. This includes names, the namers, and the named. In addition, theories of names are examined in order to give some idea of ways in which the topic might be treated systematically and scientifically.

The second chapter deals with anthroponyms, or names for persons. A

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