Recapturing Marxism: An Appraisal of Recent Trends in Sociological Theory


Acknowledgments Preface Introduction: Marxism, Neo-Marxism, and American Sociology by Rhonda F. Levine and Jerry Lembcke Crisis and Vitalization: An Interpretive Essay on Marxist Theory by Albert Szymanski New Classes and Old Theories: The Impasse of Contemporary Class Analysis by Peter Meiksins Class and Class Capacities: A Problem of Organizational Efficacy by Jerry Lembcke Bringing Classes Back In: State Theory and Theories of the State by Rhonda F. Levine The Limits of the World-System Perspective by Alex Dupuy and Barry Truchil Race, Ethnicity and Class by James A. Geschwender Recent Ideological Tendencies in Urban and Regional Research: Neo-Liberalism and Social Democracy by Richard Peet Behind the Veil of Neutrality: Hegemony in the Academic Marketplace by Peter Seybold Feminism: A Marxist Critique by Albert Szymanski Thinking About Social Class: Structure, Organization, and Consciousness by Scott G. McNall List of Contributors

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Includes content by:
  • Jerry Lembcke
  • Albert Szymanski
  • Peter Meiksins
  • Rhonda F. Levine
  • Alex Dupuy
Publisher: Place of publication:
  • New York
Publication year:
  • 1987


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