A Trip to the Prairies and in the Interior of North America (1837-1838): Travel Notes


The Count Francesco Arese, born 1805, was the only child of noble Milanese parents, of whom his mother at least was very rich. At the Court of Eugène Beauharnais, Napoleonic Viceroy in Milan, she had known Eugène's sister Hortense, later Queen of Holland: an acquaintance that was to have a great deal to do with her son's future.

When he was nine, the Empire fell and the Austrians returned to their former Italian possessions. Two years later they arrested his uncle, they arrested family friends, who had been conspiring against them. The young Count grew up in a rebellious country, and like many young men of his time he was a rebel at heart, and even somewhat more.

When about twenty, while travelling with his mother, he met in Rome her old friend Hortense, with whose younger son, Louis Napoleon, he became very intimate.

In 1831 Louis Napoleon and his elder brother were prominent in an uprising in Romagna, which . . .

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