The Theory of Drama

The Theory of Drama

The Theory of Drama

The Theory of Drama


This book is in some respects a revised edition of An Introduction to Dramatic Theory, published in 1923, but since, in undertaking the revision, I have entirely rewritten the original and at the same time have enlarged it by over half its length, it seemed fitting to put the present volume forward under a new title. The chief additions consist of the section on the theory of drama in general and the section on tragi-comedy.

My principal aim in preparing this work on the theory of drama is to provide a general guide or introduction to the subject. I have tried to eliminate unnecessary detail and confine myself to the major problems, discussing these in the light both of earlier theories and of modern practice. On a subject so vast obviously many volumes might have been penned, but I believed that a single book of this kind might be more useful to the student desirous of embarking on a definite course of study. Further reading is suggested in the two bibliographies presented as an appendix, and an attempt has been made throughout to indicate the chief problems which it is the duty of such a student to analyse, and for which, before he proceeds to criticism of concrete examples, he must find solutions.

I wish to take the opportunity here of thanking my colleague Dr F. E. Budd, who kindly undertook to read the proofs, and of expressing my sense of indebtedness to Mr Barrett H. Clark, whose European Theories of the Drama has aided me considerably in the preparation of this volume.




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