Renaissance Studies in Honor of Hardin Craig

Renaissance Studies in Honor of Hardin Craig

Renaissance Studies in Honor of Hardin Craig

Renaissance Studies in Honor of Hardin Craig


Hardin Craig RUDOLF KIRK1

The York Play of Christ Led up to Calvary (Play XXXIV) MENDAL G. FRAMPTON 6

The Miracle Play: Notes and Queries GEORGE R. COFFMAN 13

Some Aspects of Italian Humanism B. L. ULLMAN 20

Fortune in the Tragedies of Giraldi Cintio ALLAN H. GILBERT 32

Fracastoro and the Imagination MURRAY W. BUNDY 44

Current English Translations of The Praise of Folly HOYT H. HUDSON 58

The Proverb "The Black Ox Has Not Trod on His Foot" in Renaissance Literature ARCHER TAYLOR 74

Aspects of Spenser's Vocabulary F. M. PADELFORD 87

The Neo-Platonic Ladder in Spenser's Amoretti. EDWIN CASADY 92

Greene's Panther JOHN LEON LIEVSAY 104

Backgrounds for Marlowe's Atheist Lecture PAUL H. KOCHER 112

The Taming of a Shrew HENRY DAVID GRAY 133

The Two Angrey Women of Abington and Wily Beguiled BALDWIN MAXWELL 142

Aims of a Popular Elizabethan Dramatist GEORGE F. REYNOLDS 148

The Fall of Icarus JOHN W. ASHTON 153

Shakespeare's Rape of Lucrece E. P. KUHL 160

Perseus Purloins Pegasus T. W. BALDWIN 169

Two Notes on Shakespeare GEORGE C. TAYLOR 179

Shakespeare's Use of his Sources V. K. WHITAKER 185

Shakespeare as a Critic HEREWARD T. PRICE 198

The Mind's Construction in the Face CARROLL CAMDEN 208

That Undiscovered Country MADELIENE DORAN 221

Comedy in the Court Masque: A Study of Ben Jonson's Contribution T. M. PARROTT 236

John Ford and Elizabethan Tragedy G. F. SENSABAUGH 250

Richard Hooker among the Controversialists E. N. S. THOMPSON 262

The Myth of John Donne the Rake ALLEN R. BENHAM 273

A Protest against the Term Conceit GEORGE R. POTTER 282

The Themes of Pre-existence and Infancy in The Retreate MERRITT Y. HUGHES 292

A Note on Two Words in Milton's History of Muscovia HARRIS FLETCHER 309

Grundtvig on Paradise Lost KEMP MALONE 320

The English Religious Restoration, 1660-1665 HARRY G. PLUM 324

Bibliography of the Writings of Hardin Craig FRANCIS R. JOHNSON 335

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