New Poets of England and America

New Poets of England and America

New Poets of England and America

New Poets of England and America


We have attempted to present selections from the poetry of a generation, and for convenience have included poets who are under forty or who would have been under forty at the time of the appearance of this publication. The poets represented in this anthology were born between 1917 and 1935. What characteristics are to be discovered in this poetry, we leave to the reader to determine. That poetry today is worthy of its inheritance, we hope we shall have shown in the following pages.

In the preparation of this volume we have read the work of more than three hundred poets. We regret the omission of certain work which individual editors wished included, and can only plead that this anthology represents a composite judgment. Our original aim was to print fewer poets and more poems by each, but to do so would have excluded many poets whose work we admire. It is hoped that in subsequent editions of this anthology poets who have been unavoidably omitted may be included.

Our selection of English poets may not be representative. Though we have read extensively in English books and manuscripts, we cannot claim to be familiar with all the work being done in England today. Nor can we be confident that our judgment of English poetry is as sure as it might be if we were living in England.

We dedicate this anthology, with gratitude, to Mr. Thomas Langbert, whose belief in the value of this undertaking made it possible.

March 20, 1957

Donald Hall Robert Pack Louis Simpson . . .

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