The Church and Social Responsibility

The Church and Social Responsibility

The Church and Social Responsibility

The Church and Social Responsibility


The thesis of this book is that Christian salvation also includes the social order; that the Christian church is responsible for the social conditions and must provide redemptive measures for society. This is a study of some of the major social areas in the light of Protestantism's theological convictions.

No single author could have written equally well in each of the areas explored. Each of the fifteen writers of this symposium is a specialist who writes with the insight and generally recognized characteristics of those who specialize. The writers are representative of American Protestantism.

There are many other equally well qualified writers in the various fields who were unable to arrange their schedules to meet the deadline for the symposium.

The diversity of viewpoint in some instances reflects the characteristic independence of thought and action common to Protestantism's religious, economic, and political philosophies. However, the authors are one in the conviction that Christianity must reform the social order, as well as the individual, if "God's will is to be done on earth."

Both the pastor and the thoughtful layman will find this volume a stimulating and rewarding study. Many church groups will want to use this book in social forums and study groups.

The editor is indebted to friends in many Protestant denominations for helpful suggestions in preparing the outline and selecting the authors.


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