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I. Wherein Great Risks Are Taken and the Limberlost Guard is Hired 3

II. Wherein Freckles Proves His Mettle and Finds Friends 17

III. Wherein a Feather Falls and a Soul Is Born 33

IV. Wherein Freckle Faces Troubles Bravely and Opens the Way for New Experiences 57

V. Wherein an Angel Materializes, and a Man Worships 93

VI. Wherein a Fight Occurs and Women Shoot Straight 113

VII. Wherein Freckles Wins Honour and Finds a Footprint on the Trail 129

VIII. Wherein Freckles Meets a Man of Affairs and Loses Nothing by the Encounter 139

IX. Wherein the Limberlost Falls upon Mrs. Duncan and Freckles Comes to the Rescue 159

X. Wherein Freckles Strives Mightily and the Angel Rewards Him 169

XI. Wherein the Butterflies Go on a Spree and Freckles Informs the Bird Woman 181

XII. Wherein Black Jack Captures Freckles and the Angel Captures Jack 195

XIII. Wherein the Angel Releases Freckles, and the Curse of Black Jack Falls Upon Her 217

XIV. Wherein Freckles Nurses a Heart-ache and Black Jack Drops Out 235

XV. Wherein Freckles and the Angel Try Taking a Picture, and Little Chicken Furnishes the Subject 253

XVI. Wherein the Angel Locates a Rare Tree and Dines with the Gang 265

XVII Wherein Freckles Offers His Life for His Love and Gets a Broken Body 281

XVIII. Wherein Freckles Refuses Love Without Knowledge of Honourable Birth, and the Angel Goes in Quest of It 301

XIX. Wherein Freckles Finds His Birthright and the Angel Loses Her Heart 323

XX. Wherein Freckles Returns to the Limberlost, and Lord O'More Sails for Ireland Without Him 339

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