The Chamber Music of Johannes Brahms

The Chamber Music of Johannes Brahms

The Chamber Music of Johannes Brahms

The Chamber Music of Johannes Brahms


This essay was prepared for the performance in Philadelphia, on the centenary of the birth of Johannes Brahms, of all his works of chamber music. Its purpose is to assist those who study and hear this music to understand it more thoroughly and intimately.

The sketch of Brahms' life and character includes only such events as might reasonably have influenced his music. The analysis of the principal characteristics of his music is given with the full appreciation of the impossibility of demonstration.

Brahms' complete works have been tabulated in groups, so arranged as to enable those wishing to perform them, to see at a glance which are adapted to the performers available.

Following the tabulation is an attempt to point out the technical features of Brahms' music which distinguish it from that of other composers. This has been the most interesting part of the work. It is a subject as to some features of which all will probably agree. As to others, however, one may expect and hope for a delightful and stimulating difference of opinion among persons whose views are the most respected.

For the benefit of those wishing to make a further study of Brahms' life and works, a summary is given of the principal bibliography.

Finally, there is a history and brief discussion of . . .

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