British Far Eastern Policy

British Far Eastern Policy

British Far Eastern Policy

British Far Eastern Policy


This study forms part of the documentation of an Inquiry organized by the Institute of Pacific Relations into the problems arising from the conflict in the Far East.

It has been prepared by Mr. G. E. Hubbard, Far Eastern Research Secretary, Royal Institute of International Affairs; author of Eastern Industrialization and Its Effect on the West. This study is a revision and enlargement of an earlier pamphlet published under the same title by the Royal Institute of International Affairs. Chapters I to IV of this revised version were submitted in mimeographed form as a document for the Mont Tremblant Conference of the I.P.R., December 1942; Chapter V was added in April 1943.

The Study has been submitted in draft to a number of authorities, many of whom made suggestions and criticisms which were of great value in the process of revision.

Though many of the comments received have been incorporated in the final text, the above authorities do not of course accept responsibility for the study. The statements of fact or of opinion appearing herein do not represent the views of the Institute of Pacific Relations or of the Pacific Council or of any of the National Councils. Such statements are made on the sole responsibility of the author.

During 1938 the Inquiry was carried on under the general direction of Dr. J. W. Dafoe as Chairman of the Pacific Council and since 1939 under his successors Dr. Philip C. Jessup and Mr. Edgar J. Tarr. Every member of the International Secretariat has contributed to the research and editorial work in connection with the Inquiry, but special mention should be made of Mr. W. L. Holland, Miss Kate Mitchell and Miss Hilda Austern, who have carried the major share of this responsibility.

In the general conduct of this Inquiry into the problems arising from the conflict in the Far East the Institute has benefited by the counsel of the following Advisers:

Professor H. F. Angus of the University of British Columbia.

Dr. J. B. Condliffe of the University of California

M. Etienne Dennery of the Ecole des Sciences Politiques.

These Advisers have co-operated with the Chairman and the Secretary-General in an effort to insure that the publications issued in connection with the Inquiry conform to a proper standard of sound and impartial scholarship. Each manuscript has been submitted to . . .

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