Fighting Racism: Selected Writings

Fighting Racism: Selected Writings

Fighting Racism: Selected Writings

Fighting Racism: Selected Writings


Some years ago a presidential commission on civil rights concluded that we have "two societies" in the United States -- one Black, the other white.

By implication, the commission's report argued that that is how it has been, that is how it is, and that is how it is going to be.

One could also conclude from this report that the split between the "two societies" will continue to widen and the antagonism between them will inevitably sharpen and deepen.

Such ideas feed the misconception that racism is an inherent, inborn characteristic of people. They feed a pessimistic view that nothing can be done about racism, and even question whether anything should be done to fight it. They feed the dangerous idea that it is all right for white Americans to live with racial prejudice and support racist practices because that is how it is in two separate societies.

The "two societies" concept covers up the reality of a two-class society -- the class of exploiters that is mainly white, and the class of the exploited that is Black, white, Chicano, Puerto Rican, Native American Indian and other racially and nationally oppressed minorities.

It covers up the real nature of class exploitation, an exploitation motivated solely by a drive for maximum profits for the richest corporate owners in our capitalist society.

It covers up the basic fact that racism is an integral part of and an instrument of the same system of exploitation, a . . .

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