Foundations of Developmental Education

Foundations of Developmental Education

Foundations of Developmental Education

Foundations of Developmental Education


Foundations of Developmental Education provides a conclusive alternative to the traditional oversimplification of the pervasive education problem in the United States. Hashway chronicles the decline of education in the United States over the past 50 years and studies the factors that have supposedly affected the quality of education. Analyzing the educational system, Hashway provides sound recommendations and alternatives for the delivery of instructional services. The book begins with a thorough analysis of the developmental learning system followed by a case study. An overview of psychocybernetic models of thinking is then presented. Finally, the author examines educational applications of the developmental learning system.


The educational community has seen many winters. Recently, many national committees have called for massive reform. Some have gone so far as to say that if our educational system was our military we would be overtaken by the most underdeveloped nation. Committees have made many recommendations.

In the first chapter, the state of education is examined. There has been an erosion of our educational resources. The quality of the output of the educational system has been declining. However, the decline is not as recent as most authors and study commissions would have us believe. The decline has not been over the past 20 to 25 years; The decline started at least 80 years ago.

We often hear that if more money is put into the educational system, school quality will improve; in particular, that higher paid teachers are the answer to the problems of education. Higher paid teachers are not the answer. In fact, teacher salaries have a negative impact on the quality of schooling, however, there are economic factors which impact the quality of schooling. We often seek economic factors because they are the easy things to change. Unfortunately, the economic factors identified here relate more to the social fabric of a community than to the economy. Economic factors are identified here which are related to the attitude and belief structure of the community. To improve the quality of education, issues of attitude must be addressed at the very heart of the social fabric of many communities.

Schools and colleges, as well as industrial-training programs, have addressed the problem of declining quality through what has been called "developmental education programs." Yet, to date no one has defined developmental education. Here a definition is provided which I hope will be . . .

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