Apartheid, Imperialism, and African Freedom

Apartheid, Imperialism, and African Freedom

Apartheid, Imperialism, and African Freedom

Apartheid, Imperialism, and African Freedom


A study packed with facts on the historical background of Southern Africa. Still relevant to today's issues and struggles for full equality and freedom, against racism and imperialism. Notes. Index. Map.


In simple terms, South African apartheid is racism carried to an extreme. As a long-standing, persistent phenomenon, racism is present in the societies of all the leading western countries, where it is usually a case of Black or other nonwhite minorities suffering discrimination or persecution at the hands of white groups who are the majority of the population. In South Africa, Blacks who are in the overwhelming majority are the victims of cruel oppression and deprivation by a white minority of rulers.

Today in South Africa there are roughly 21.5 million Black people. Other nonwhites denied equality make up an additional sector of the population: 2.5 million Colored people of mixed race, and about 1 million Asians, chiefly Indians. Ruling over all is a white master minority of 4.5 million.

Most developed western powers had a long experience of owning and ruling colonies of colored peoples, in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and elsewhere. Some of those colonies were huge, with very large populations, like India and Nigeria, but small numbers of white settlers, businessmen and administrators were able to control and dominate them, maintaining a racially superior attitude. This was managed through military force, a police-backed system of colonial law, control of the economy, and the purchased loyalty through corruption of local headmen. In this way the United States ruled its Philippine and other colonies for half a century. No "subject people" ever escaped the effects of racial discrimination.

This is precisely the way in which the apartheid system has been maintained in South Africa. It is a vast structure of oppressive laws which establish and implement the absolute power and privilege, economically and politically, of the white minority, backed up by . . .

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