John Gardner: Critical Perspectives


"I hope they're interesting, I hope not more interesting than the fiction," says John Gardner in his Afterword to these twelve essays that probe deeply into each of his major novels, his epic poem, his children's stories, and his work as a librettist.

Contents include: " Et in Arcadia Ego: Gardner's Early Novels" by David Cowart; " Into the Farther Darkness': The Manichaean Pastoralism of John Gardner" by Samuel Coale; "A Babylonian in Batavia: Mesopotamian Literature and Lore in The Sunlight Dialogues "by Greg Morris; and " Grendel and Blake: The Contraries of Existence" by Helen B. Ellis and Warren U. Ober.

"John Gardner's Grendel "by Jerome Klinkowitz; "Survival and Redemptive Vision in Jason and Medeia "by John Trimbur; "Sailing Through The King's Indian with John Gardner and His Friends" by Donald J. Greiner; "Modern Moralities for Children: John Gardner's Children's Books" by Geraldine DeLuca and Roni Natov.

"John Gardner, Librettist: A Composer's Notes" by Joseph Baber; "The Real Monster in Freddy's Book "by Walter Cummins; "Magical Prisons: Embedded Structures in the Work of John Gardner" by Kathryn Van Spanckeren; and "New Fiction, Popular Fiction, and John Gardner's Middle/Moral Way" by Robert A. Morace.

Additional information

Includes content by:
  • Robert A. Morace
  • David Cowart
  • Samuel Coale
  • Greg Morris
  • Helen B. Ellis
Publisher: Place of publication:
  • Carbondale, IL
Publication year:
  • 1982


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