A Theory of Political Choice Behavior

A Theory of Political Choice Behavior

A Theory of Political Choice Behavior

A Theory of Political Choice Behavior


Section A: Introduction The Need to Understand Political Choice Behavior Research Traditions in Voter Behavior Section B: A Theory of Political Choice Behavior Description of the Theory Basis of Choice Section C: Theory Testing Measurement of the Theory Four Tests of the Theory Section D: Strategies and Trends Strategic Implications of the Theory Future Trends Appendixes


This Praeger Series in Public and Nonprofit Sector Marketing was created to foster in-depth scholarly research and pragmatism in a wide variety of areas of pressing contemporary concern. Volumes currently in progress focus, for example, on marketing of urban mass transportation, higher education, health care, and professional services. in each volume, the authors have attempted to expand marketing thinking and, at the same time, "map" those unexplored domains that have just begun to engage the imaginations of marketing professionals.

Although marketing has well served the for-profit sector for many years, there are those who feel that its greatest and most meaningful contributions are likely to be found in the public and nonprofit arenas. This is not to suggest that concepts, theories, and marketing practice can simply be transferred wholesale to these other sectors. Rather, it is to recognize explicitly that we are only beginning to sense the benefits of applying a marketing orientation in new and unusual ways to the problems and challenges that affect our public institutions, social systems, and the very way of living in the modern world.

The Series will continue to publish scholarly work that contributes in a meaningful way to either the theory or practice of marketing in nonbusiness sectors. It will not offer textbooks, case books, or books of readings, but instead will foster integrated, leading-edge contributions that will find their way into the classroom and onto the desks of practicing managers in many diverse fields of interest.

Steven E. Permut, General Editor Yale University . . .

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