The Large Group: Dynamics and Therapy

The Large Group: Dynamics and Therapy

The Large Group: Dynamics and Therapy

The Large Group: Dynamics and Therapy


An important and pioneering work collating knowledge of large groups - both at a theoretical and a practical level - from thirteen contributors with experience within a wide range of disciplines and settings.


The value of small-group psychotherapy is now well established, alongside the disciplines of psychoanalysis and individual psychotherapy. He whole field of psychotherapy is enlarging rapidly, including such areas as marital and family therapy, therapeutic's and, over the past decade, interest in large groups.

As a result of including large-group experience both in therapeutic institutions and training schemes, the potential of this technique begins to emerge. All those who have worked with large groups will acknowledge the fascination and power that they hold, and most would agree that they present a new dimension to our understanding of group dynamics.

This book was conceived as an attempt to collate our present knowledge of large groups, both at a theoretical and practical level. Its intention is to offer experiences from a wide spectrum of disciplines and settings. Roughly half the chapters are psychoanalytic in their orientation; other contributions derive from general psychiatry, sociology, anthropology, and industrial psychology.

The place of large-group therapy is still to be defined, but it is hoped that this book will contribute to the careful and detailed assessment that is necessary to fulfil its evaluation.

Lionel Kreeger 1974 . . .

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