Dictionary of Italian Literature

Dictionary of Italian Literature

Dictionary of Italian Literature

Dictionary of Italian Literature


This revised and expanded edition of the only English dictionary of Italian literature covers the field from the Middle Ages to the present, includes new entries for contemporary authors, and provides current bibliographical information for all entries.


The reception of the first edition of this dictionary was encouraging, as many students, teachers, and general readers found it useful, informative, and stimulating to the further study of Italian literature and culture. This second and expanded edition has been carefully revised in terms of content and bibliography. Some new contributors have been added to the original distinguished group, and numerous new entries have been included. In particular, there are now specific entries on Italian literature and film or art, as well as feminism, post- modernism, and other subjects of intense contemporary interest; there are also many new entries on contemporary writers, and the sections devoted to established masters have been revised or expanded. Particular attention has been paid to updating the bibliographies and the selections of works in English translation. The original 362 entries have grown to almost 400, but many of the original entries have been expanded as well.

The style of the first edition has been generally followed in this revision. Readers should examine the section entitled "How to Use This Dictionary" before reading the entries. Along with a list of selected reference aids, the volume includes a time line and an entry listing by subject matter and period, since this will enable both students and general readers to employ the dictionary as a miniature literary history by perusing the various writers and problems of a particular literary period, or to use it as a reference work for quick information about a variety of literary terms associated with Italian literature.

Since the appearance of the first edition, a number of the contributors have passed away. In tribute to their memory, their entries have been revised by other scholars, whose names in such cases appear in brackets at the end of the entry. All other entries with author names in brackets have been similarly updated.

Mention must be made of the enormous effort put into this second edition by our associate editor,Jody Robin Shiffman. When we edited the first edition, we were young and foolish, undaunted by the prospect of encompassing all of . . .

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