Everything Is Changing: Contemporary U.S. Movements in Historical Perspective


Tables Introduction by Mohammed E. Ahrari Domestic Context of U.S. Foreign Policy Toward the Middle East by Mohammed E. Ahrari Ethnic Politics and the Formulation of U.S. Policy Toward the Arab-Israeli Dispute by Steven L. Spiegel Ethnic Group Influence on Middle East Policy--How and When: The Cases of the Jackson-Vanik Amendment and the Sale of AWACS to Saudi Arabia by Mitchell Bard African-American Influence on U.S. Foreign Policy Toward South Africa by Ronald W. Walters The Polish American Congress, East-West Issues, and the Formulation of American Foreign Policy by Z.A. Kruszewski U.S. Foreign Policy and the Mexican-American Political Agenda by Rodolof O. de la Graza From Little Havana to Washington, D.C.: Cuban Americans and U.S. Foreign Policy by Damain Fernandez Irish-Americans in the American Foreign-Policy-Making Process by Robert J. Thompson and Joseph R. Rudolph, Jr. Conclusions by Mohammed E. Ahrari Appendix Bibliography Index About the Editor and Contributors

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Includes content by:
  • Mohammed E. Ahrari
  • Steven L. Spiegel
  • Mitchell Bard
  • Ronald W. Walters
  • Z. A. Kruszewski
Publisher: Place of publication:
  • New York
Publication year:
  • 1987


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