Handbook of Educational Drama and Theatre

Handbook of Educational Drama and Theatre

Handbook of Educational Drama and Theatre

Handbook of Educational Drama and Theatre


"Students seeking information about nontraditional drama careers will find this an essential handbook. . . . Highly recommended for libraries at all levels." Choice


This book represents an attempt to specify many and various applications of drama and theatre to the education of all human beings. Outstanding uses of educational drama and theatre are surveyed as they occur in schools, communities, and theatres for young audiences. Underlining all that follows is the search to clarify educational drama and theatre as a field of inquiry that is inclusive and interdisciplinary, incorporating not only aesthetic but also pedagogical and therapeutic aims and techniques.

The field is vast, with many problems of definition and unresolved issues. But educational drama and theatre is indeed a growing discipline throughout the United States, Australia, Great Britain, and Canada. In the following pages we take a look at the work of some of the outstanding experts in the field, many of whom appeared on the televised WCBS-TV series "Drama in Education," broadcast on the program Sunrise Semester from September 1979 through January 1980. Throughout this book we cite workshop experiences and interviews from the Sunrise Semester program as well as other sources.

The literature of educational drama and theatre has developed substantially since the early chronicle of teaching academic subjects through drama, Caldwell Cook The Play Way, first published in 1917. Cook called his book "An Essay in Educational Method," characterizing the method as follows:

The natural means of study in youth is play, as anyone may see for himself by watching any child or young animal when it is left alone. A natural education is by practice, by doing things, and not by instruction, by hearing how, as you may see in the flight of a young bird. . . . It would not be wise to send a child innocent into the big world; and talking is of . . .

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