America Was Promises

America Was Promises

America Was Promises

America Was Promises


WHO is the voyager in these leaves?

Who is the traveler in this journey

Deciphers the revolving night: receives

The signal from the light returning?

America was promises to whom?

East were the

Dead kings and the remembered sepulchres:

West was the grass.

The groves of the oaks were at evening.

Eastward are the nights where we have slept.

And we move on: we move down:

With the first light we push forward:

We descend from the past as a wandering people from


We cross into the day to be discovered.

The dead are left where they fall--at dark

At night late under the coverlets.

We mark the place with the shape of our teeth on our fingers.

The room is left as it was: the love

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