The Decline of the American Empire

The Decline of the American Empire

The Decline of the American Empire

The Decline of the American Empire


Touted by George Washington as the "infant empire," the United States has expanded greatly in terms of territory and influence during the past two centuries. In the mid-twentieth century, it achieved a true world empire of unprecedented power and influence, affecting virtually every nation through its political alignments, military alliances, and economic relationships. James Hanson argues here, however, that as it approaches the twenty-first century, the empire of the United States is beginning to crumble, exhibiting many of the traits of the declining empires of history. His book is a clarion call to re-examine U.S. political, military, and economic goals and to rechannel these "imperial" strivings to the tasks of solving the world-wide problems of war, environmental deterioration, and over-population.


"If you do not understand the reality of, empire, then the empire goes on without any moral supervision."

--Martin Green, Dreams of Adventure, Dreams of Empire, 1979

It looks like empire

If it looks like an empire, talks and walks like an empire, then it must be an empire. the United States has expanded across the North American continent, acquired states and territories, invaded territories of other countries -- especially in the Western Hemisphere -- forged political alliances and built military bases throughout the world, traded and invested in every part of the world, and proclaimed itself the guardian of Western civilization and the free world.

Most Americans claim that their country is a bird of a different feather -- a world leader, a great power, even a superpower, but not an empire. Little thought is given to the choice of the eagle as national emblem. the fiercest predator of the skies, the eagle was also the ensign of the ancient Roman army and of the Napoleonic French army.

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