Diversity: Gender, Color, and Culture

Diversity: Gender, Color, and Culture

Diversity: Gender, Color, and Culture

Diversity: Gender, Color, and Culture


"Essed provides us with compelling accounts and accessible analyses that will arm her readers with the critical capacity to recognize and challenge new forms of racism". -- Angela Y. Davis


Diversity is about critical options and consequential choices. It is not a book with hair-splitting analyses and controversies for readers already familiar with the issues, nor is it a "how-to" book on managing diversity. I selected the format of short chapters to address women and men of all backgrounds who are generally or professionally interested in issues of diversity, but who have neither the time nor the patience to read volumes full of jargon. Diversity is also for students who prefer an introductory book that deals with basic notions and problems they recognize from their everyday life.

To allow the reader to understand complex theoretical considerations in an uncomplicated way, I have used many easily recognizable examples of opinions and behavior. Each chapter addresses an issue relevant to life and work in gender-conscious and ethnically diverse environments. I have been inspired by conversations with a wide group of people, including leaders and activists in various lines of work, directors and managers of schools and businesses, policymakers, program coordinators, representatives of religious groups and women's organizations, union organizers, and personnel officers. in line with the nature of diverse perspectives, I have not avoided controversial topics. the chapters, some of which are based on lectures and presentations, critically deal with racism, highlighting the problem from different angles. I also look at some of the policy interventions for addressing diversity, such as multiculturalism and positive action.

Diversity takes up issues that seldom appear together in a single monograph. I have tried to transcend the confines of specific disciplines and social and political domains.

Acknowledging diversity involves the whole person and the whole . . .

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