International Law and the Black Minority in the U.S.


"Kly's unique perspective is worthy of consideration and debate by minority and non-minority individuals alike". -- American Journal of International Law

Named Outstanding Book on the subject of human rights in the U. S., 1990, this book is truly a classic work on race relations in the U. S.. It compares the U. S. policy of civil rights/nondiscrimination with the international law view of minority collective rights, which offers minorities the same rights as the majority, plus additional rights such as the right to institutionalized control of various social sectors, if required to effect their equal development. It reveals how U. S. policy over time has consistently empowered those sectors of African-American leadership which further majority interest, while refusing recognition to those sectors which enjoy massive minority support and reflect the minority's views of its own interest.

Additional information

Publisher: Place of publication:
  • Atlanta, GA
Publication year:
  • 1990


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