Strategies for Change in the South

Strategies for Change in the South

Strategies for Change in the South

Strategies for Change in the South


In order to systematize regional studies, the authors view the southern United States as an integrated system of economic, political, social, and educational institutions. The underlying theme is that if one wants to understand the South, it is necessary to examine the bonds among these various institutions. The new methodology presented is a type of systems analysis in which relevant forces affecting the South are identified.

Originally published 1975.


This book is the result of a project begun in the fall of 1970 that was cosponsored by the Center for Southern Studies at Duke University and the L. Q. C. Lamar Society. The Twentieth Century Fund aided in financing the research for this work.

Since a study of Southern institutions and public policy is a major undertaking, a number of people have had a hand in shaping this book. Congressman Alan W. Steelman, who has written the foreword, played an important role in the initial formulation of the project. In the summer of 1971 a group of student interns from throughout the South gathered at Duke University to collect material for this project. Their contribution to this volume was substantial.

Three people played a major role in assembling this book -- Katherine Savage, Susan Clubbe, and Sandra Köszegi. The authors also wish to thank the following people for their comments on sections of the book (with the usual waiver of any blame for errors): Charles Clotfelter, Horst Schauland, Robert Mosteller, Robert Clark, Albert Karnig, Lawrence Goodwyn, and Suze Carlson.

Part of James Clotfelter's work on this book was done while he was at the Duke University Center for the Study of Aging and Human Development on a research, appointment supported by NICHD Grant HD00164. Professor Clotfelter also wishes to thank Lewis Bowman and Jack Hopkins for their general encouragement.

Thomas H. Naylor James Clotfelter . . .

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