Strategic Leadership: A Multiorganizational-Level Perspective

Strategic Leadership: A Multiorganizational-Level Perspective

Strategic Leadership: A Multiorganizational-Level Perspective

Strategic Leadership: A Multiorganizational-Level Perspective


Using an extension of stratified systems, this collection of chapters from leading organizational and leadership scholars examines strategic leadership from a multiorganizational-level perspective. It focuses on the interplay between this perspective and the implications of work covering such topics as: organizational downsizing; strategic stakeholder management; leader cognitive capacity/complexity and behavioral complexity; visionary, transformational and charismatic strategic leadership; development and training implications for strategic leaders; and temporal and dynamic aspects of strategic leadership. The book concludes with directions for future research and applications of strategic leadership within this multiple level perspective.


This book is based on contributions prepared for a conference supported by the U.S. Army Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences and by the U.S. Army War College.. The conference was held at Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania, February 11-14, 1991. In it, civilian and military experts came together to explore a number of cutting-edge aspects of strategic leadership, usingElliott Jaques "Stratified Systems Theory" (SST) as a point of departure.

Prior to the conference, a number of individuals who were engaged in work related to strategic or top-level leadership research were contacted. They were sent a packet of materials, including SST background papers, and were asked to prepare papers of their own, showing ways in which their work and SST could be mutually beneficial. They then attended the conference and used the insights obtained there, together with reviewer comments, to revise their work. Those revisions were then further reviewed and revised (some, several times), ultimately resulting in the chapters comprising this book.

The chapter authors have a mix of backgrounds; although primarily from leadership, strategic management, and organizational behavior/organization theory, they also cover areas such as military sociology. As indicated, support for the conference and this book came from military sources. Nevertheless the contents are largely "context-free" (phenomena free of the specific organizational context in which they are found). Thus, while there are some military examples, there is also an emphasis on other kinds of organizations.

In terms of acknowledgments for help with this book, we would like first to recognize the Army Research Institute and Army War College for their support. We also wish to recognize our Texas Tech faculty colleagues, John Blair, Kimberly Boal, and Carlton Whitehead, who authored book chapters and helped in other ways, and Mark Peterson, whose help included manuscript reviewing.

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