A Handbook of General Experimental Psychology

A Handbook of General Experimental Psychology

A Handbook of General Experimental Psychology

A Handbook of General Experimental Psychology


Shortly after the publication in 1929 of The Foundations of Experimental Psychology, it became evident that it would be physically difficult to make single-volume revisions of that book. A choice had to be made between revising in several volumes or revising major subdivisions of the original book under separate titles. The latter choice was finally made and the first step in that direction was the publication of A Handbook of Child Psychology. The publication of this volume under the title, A Handbook of General Experimental Psychology, is the second step, and the complete enterprise will be consummated with the publication of A Handbook of Social Psychology.

Two or three of the chapters in this volume have not been greatly modified since their publication in The Foundations of Experimental Psychology. The explanation for this is that there has not been a great deal of new experimental material made available in the fields represented by these chapters. Several of the chapters have been entirely rewritten for this revision and several of the chapters are entirely new. The Editor is gratified to announce that Dr. Troland finished the revision of his chapter just a few weeks before his death.

There has not been any attempt to include chapters on the so-called higher mental processes. The explanation is that the divisions of the volume are vertical and not horizontal.

The Editor wishes to express his gratitude to the authors who have labored in this enterprise and to Dr. Luberta Harden, who has prepared the manuscripts for the printer and supervised the progress of the book through the press. The subject index has been made by Dr. Wallace Craig.



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