Adolescent Pregnancy and Parenting: Findings from a Racially Diverse Sample


Written by a pediatrician/adolescent medicine specialist and a developmental psychologist, this book is a collection of informative, nonredundant yet comprehensive studies on adolescent pregnancy and parenting. More than 200 adolescent women in an ethnically diverse sample were studied prenatally and at regular 6-month intervals for 3½ years postpartum. Most of the teens were poor, unmarried, first-time mothers who resided within Southeast San Diego, a poor urban area approximately 10 miles north of the U. S.-Mexico border.

The purpose of this book was to offer researchers, practitioners, program directors, teachers, and graduate and medical students a better understanding of teenage pregnancy and parenthood within the following domains:

• adolescent prenatal care and postpartum maternal and infant health outcomes,

• immediate repeat pregnancy,

• adolescent mothers' parenting,

• the role of the adolescent's mother in teenage mothers' parenting, and

• the baby's father.


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