Gender in Joyce

Gender in Joyce

Gender in Joyce

Gender in Joyce


"New and original approaches.... The topic is among the hottest in scholarship generally and Joyce in particular. The essays reflect the evolution of feminist scholarship .... (and) Norris's introduction is the best, most succinct and knowledgeable summary of the current state of feminist criticism and its relationship to Joyce studies I have ever read". -- Zack Bowen, University of Miami

A variety of theoretical orientations distinguishes this collection of essays on gender in Joyce. Contributors explore exciting new areas in feminist and gender studies on subjects as disparate as Joyce's use of fraternal incest, the cultural code of femme fatale, androgyny and the abject mother, and Mariolatry. This collection will be of interest not only to Joyceans but to anyone with an interest in fresh approaches to gender and cultural studies.


The essays in this collection reflect the immense evolution in feminist scholarship, with its plethora of new approaches to the whole issue of gender and its influence on literary study. To define the many aspects of gender criticism represented here or to try to regiment them into some sort of historical or hierarchical matrix is to defy the diversity represented and espoused both in these essays and in gender studies as a whole. Together they represent the relationship of gender to the new historicism, psychoanalytic theory, French and Anglo-American feminism, popular culture, and colonialism.

It is perhaps ironic, but certainly no accident, that the canonical works of James Joyce lend themselves so admirably to the application of new ideas and dismantling of hierarchical value systems. It was, after all, what he was about in the first place.

Zack Bowen Series Editor . . .

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