The Poems and Translations of Sir Richard Fanshawe - Vol. 2


This volume completes the first edition of the collected works of the early modern poet and translator Sir Richard Fanshawe, and contains Fanshawe's translation of The Lusiad of Camoes, the single work which affirms his importance in the history of translation. The translation of the Baroque play Querer por solo Querer from the court of Philip IV of Spain is also given, as is Fanshawe's Latin rendering of parts of The Lusiad, discovered by the present editor and here printed for the first time. As in Volume I, copy texts for The Lusiads and Querer por solo Querer are manually-corrected printed texts with provenances in Fanshawe's family and immediate circle, thus representing the works in a form which is as close as possible to Fanshawe's final intentions. The Specimen rerum a Lusitanis is taken from a presentation manuscript compiled under Fanshawe's direction. This volume also features an an expert essay on the translation of Camoes, contributed by Professor Roger Walker.


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