The Poems and Translations of Sir Richard Fanshawe - Vol. 2

The Poems and Translations of Sir Richard Fanshawe - Vol. 2

The Poems and Translations of Sir Richard Fanshawe - Vol. 2

The Poems and Translations of Sir Richard Fanshawe - Vol. 2


This volume completes the first edition of the collected works of the early modern poet and translator Sir Richard Fanshawe, and contains Fanshawe's translation of The Lusiad of Camoes, the single work which affirms his importance in the history of translation. The translation of the Baroque play Querer por solo Querer from the court of Philip IV of Spain is also given, as is Fanshawe's Latin rendering of parts of The Lusiad, discovered by the present editor and here printed for the first time. As in Volume I, copy texts for The Lusiads and Querer por solo Querer are manually-corrected printed texts with provenances in Fanshawe's family and immediate circle, thus representing the works in a form which is as close as possible to Fanshawe's final intentions. The Specimen rerum a Lusitanis is taken from a presentation manuscript compiled under Fanshawe's direction. This volume also features an an expert essay on the translation of Camoes, contributed by Professor Roger Walker.


Throughout the manuscript descriptions which follow, it may be assumed that manuscripts are written on paper, and that they are laid out in the form usual with seventeenth-century poetical manuscripts, a continuous single column. Any exception is noted.

Three hands need to be identified: Sir Richard Fanshawe's own hand, a confident italic with a characteristic Greek 'e', may be referred to Sir W. W. Greg English Literary Autographs (Oxford, Oxford University Press, 1925-32), ii, lv. the hand of Lyonel Fanshawe, Fanshawe's cousin and secretary, may be identified from several als amongst the uncatalogued papers of V. the hand of Ann, Lady Fanshawe, can be identified from her corrections in British Library, Add. ms 41,161.

All dimensions are height × breadth in millimetres.

Manuscript Sources Listed by Location

British Library, London

Add. ms 32,133

Siglum: M

Dimensions: 229mm × 166mm

Composition: 78 folios. the manuscript, rebound in dark blue morocco with blue leather corners and spine (cover: 237mm × 187mm), spine lettered in gold with title and catalogue number, consisted originally of a bound folio notebook. Folio 1 is a single sheet, the second sheet of a bifolium of which the cognate leaf (presumably bearing the title) is now wanting. Folio 79 is also a single sheet: the last bifolium appears to have been a pair of blank leaves of which the last leaf is lost. the manuscript entered the British Museum in 1883, at which time it was rebound and the leaves were sewn on to guards in their original gatherings. the manuscript is in good condition, apart from wanting one leaf from beginning and end.

Hands: the body of the text is in the hand of Lyonel Fanshawe. There are a few words, irrelevant to the text, written on f. 78v in the hand of Ann, Lady Fanshawe. On ff. 3v-14r, f. 15V, and f. 16r and subsequently there are scribbles, erasures, and 'improvements' in an eighteenth-century hand.

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