The Journals of the Lewis & Clark Expedition, July 28--November 1, 1805


The first four volumes of the new edition of the Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition have been widely heralded as a lasting achievement in western history studies. This eagerly awaited fifth volume begins on July 28, 1805, more than one year after Meriwether Lewis and William Clark set out on their epic journey. The expedition now enters upon perhaps the most difficult part of its route, from the Three Forks of the Missouri River in present-day Montana, over the Bitterroot Mountains, and to the Cascades of the Columbia River on today's Washington-Oregon border. The explorers encounter Shoshone, Flathead, Nez Perce, and other Indian tribes, some of whom have never before met white people.

Incorporating a wide range of new scholarship dealing with all aspects of the expedition, from Indian languages to plants and animals to the geographical and historical context, this new edition expands and updates the annotation of the last edition, published early in this century.


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