Treating Teenage Drug Abuse in a Day Care Setting

Treating Teenage Drug Abuse in a Day Care Setting

Treating Teenage Drug Abuse in a Day Care Setting

Treating Teenage Drug Abuse in a Day Care Setting


This important new study examines the value of day care in treating problems of teenage drug abuse. The research is based on an in-depth analysis of one hospital-based program that primarily serves middle class suburban white clients. The author includes unique long-term follow-up interviews of former patients and program dropouts six years after treatment and identifies the sociodemographic correlates linked to the completion of treatment and the maintenance of drug-free status during young adulthood. The book also focuses on the impact of the social characteristics and behavior of patients' families upon their long-term rehabilitations.


Treating Teenage Drug Abuse in a Day Care Setting deals with some of the most complicated contemporary issues in addiction treatment.

Day treatment is a treatment modality of growing importance in completing the continuum of care, but it has not been described with the depth seen in this book. The problem of adolescent drug abuse has been aptly documented, but treatment outcome particularly treatment outcome of adolescent addiction has not been adequately studied.

This monograph provides an excellent conceptual framework for understanding the basis of day treatment for teenagers. A strong methodology chapter provides the basis for evaluating its effectiveness. Outcome variables are described in depth thus serving as the basis for analyzing treatment outcome results.

In the addiction treatment field we need to expand new treatment approaches such as day treatment and we need to better understand what correlates with effective adolescent treatment. Dr. Feigelman's rigorous scientific approach outline in his monograph advances knowledge in both areas. I hope that such knowledge will serve as the basis of effective treatment for drug abusing adolescents.

David E. Smith, President and Medical Director Haight Ashbury Free Clinics, Inc. San Francisco, California . . .

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