The Enormous Room

The Enormous Room

The Enormous Room

The Enormous Room


Don't be afraid.

--But I've never seen a picture you painted or read a word you wrote--

So what?

So you're thirty-eight?


And have only just finished your second novel?


Entitled ee-eye-em-eye?


And pronounced?

"A" as in a, "me," as in me; accent on the "me".



How does Am compare with The Enormous Room?


They're not at all similar, are they?

When The Enormous Room was published, some people wanted a war book; they were disappointed. When Eimi was published, some people wanted Another Enormous Room; they were disappointed.

Doesn't The Enormous Room really concern war?

It actually uses war: to explore an inconceivable vastness which is so unbelievably far away that it appears microscopic.

When you wrote this book, you were looking through war at something very big and very far away?

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