Selected Poems

Selected Poems

Selected Poems

Selected Poems


The Amazons

Pallid the mirages, the palaces

Appearing brilliant on the mountain tops, pale

The whispering sibilant fields and pale

The phantasmal countenances female

Haunting our progress: in all climactic places

Appear the brilliant the distraught and pallid faces.

Hanging from lemon trees like failing masks

They moan in the slight gales, and conversing

In wordless language may be rehearsing

The prologue to posthumous and terrible tasks:

Their spectral movements forward for ever versing

As we approach, our beings in death's risks.

For ever discerned, as through a river

The aqueous and sinuous perform,

Their faceless bodies sway through a warm

Miasmal haze like many imagined elver:

In their hypnotic grace the foot and arm

Repeat in movement the siren's quiver.

They are the ambush, and are the hauntresses.

They are the Amazons of the land Unbeing.

I am in hourly fear, there is no flying

Their incursions upon the spirit's stresses;

The eye cannot turn from them, and, once seeing

As they indeed are seen, fourfoldly fear presses.

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