Runaway Slave Advertisements: A Documentary History from the 1730s to 1790 - Vol. 2


"Students of slavery will regret that the late Lathan A. Windley did not use his storehouse of information on runaway slaves to write a much more comprehensive introduction to [these volumes]. That, however, was not his intention in this 'source book for the study of slavery and to the fugitive slave problem in eighteenth century [Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, South Carolina, and Georgia]. Researchers will be grateful that someone has done the tedious work of collecting these advertisements wherein one finds detailed personal and physical descriptions of individual runaways. Rewards for the return of runaways, 'besides what the law allows,' might involve 'pistoles' or sums of money.... Scholars who have used Helen Catterall's Judicial Cases Concerning American Slavery and the Negro (1926) will appreciate the Windley compilations." - Choice


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