Religious Conflict in Social Context: The Resurgence of Orthodox Judaism in Frankfurt Am Main, 1838-1877


"Frankfurt am Main was the scene of the most dramatic religious developments in 19th-century German-Jewish history; the city saw the most radical expressions of early Reform Judaism and also the most dramatic resurgence of Neo-Orthodoxy. This volume charts those events, with particular attention to the role played by Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch (1808-88). The book is noteworthy for its attempt to integrate the religious and intellectual trends with their social and political context, in particular the tensions preceding the Revolution of 1848 and the conservative retrenchment that followed.... The book... is informative and insightful... the correlations that are Liberles's main contribution are effective and convincing. Illustrations, bibliography, and index; recommended for public, synagogue, and academic libraries." - Choice

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