Memory for Everyday and Emotional Events

Memory for Everyday and Emotional Events

Memory for Everyday and Emotional Events

Memory for Everyday and Emotional Events


The nature of memory for everyday events, and the contexts that can affect it, are controversial topics being investigated by researchers in cognitive, social, clinical, and developmental/lifespan psychology today. This book brings many of these researchers together in an attempt to unpack the contextual and processing variables that play a part in everyday memory, particularly for emotion-laden events. They discuss the mental structures and processes that operate in the formation of memory representations and their later retrieval and interpretation.


Nancy L. Stein University of Chicago

Peter A. Ornstein University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

This book is the outgrowth of a conference on the nature of everyday memory held at the University of Chicago during May 1993. The editors of this volume worked to bring together a diverse set of people to discuss issues and implications for the study of everyday and emotional memory. We wanted to include researchers who, under ordinary circumstances, would not come into contact with one another but whose work was closely related. Thus, investigators from cognitive, developmental, social, decision-making, legal, and health psychology were invited to participate in an ongoing interchange (and often debate) that spanned 4 days.

The conference topics were wide ranging, but revolved primarily around five major issues: (a) the role of knowledge and appraisal processes in determining everyday memory; (b) the contributions of both nonverbal and verbal processes during encoding and retrieval of memory; (c) the role of trauma, emotion, and pain in determining memory; (d) constraints inherent in the legal and social systems that facilitate or diminish the probability of measuring and assessing everyday memory; and (e) issues related to the validity and accuracy of eyewitness testimony.


In the first part of this volume, four teams of researchers focus on the processes and mechanisms that underlie the construction of everyday and emotional memories. Although memory for everyday events results from a . . .

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