My Indian Family

My Indian Family

My Indian Family

My Indian Family


March 31, 193-

I F anybody had suggested to me that I'd accompany my own daughter on her honeymoon I'd have thought him crazy. Any mother would. Yet here I am. Yesterday, forty-eight hours after our landing, Mary Ann was married to Rashid in strict privacy. As he has been on a year's accumulated leave in Europe he has to hurry back at once to his job in a small town upcountry. He works all day and there are no Europeans around. So I am to accompany them.

"Mary Ann would be too lonely without you, Mother," said Rashid just before Aden, when marriage on arrival had been decided upon by those two. "Life in India is not easy."

"But we love India!" Mary Ann's tone and expression left no doubt. "Don't forget we've been there before. We know how things are."

"If you didn't I wouldn't have the courage to carry you off as I do, darling. To a certain extent you know what awaits you. But only to a certain extent. On your previous trip Mother and you were distinguished visitors. You lived in State Guest Houses or good hotels. Now, however--" he does not finish the sentence.

"Now we shall know the real India," Mary Ann concludes, "and that's what we always wanted."

She is ever watchful to dispel his apprehensions and misgivings concerning our future life. My darling girl! Though her marriage is not what I would have wished for--far-reaching differences of religion, country and background prove a great handicap to happiness in the majority of "mixed" marriages--I try to live up to her courage and good will. How she looks forward to "real India"! And that brings me back to the strange and so utterly un-European start of this, our future life: that I am party to my own daughter's honeymoon!

Time is so short that we can't go in for shopping. We leave tonight. In a few months we shall come to Bombay for a shopping expedition only. This afternoon we are to drive on Malabar Hill . . .

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