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Superseding the Biographical Dictionary of English Literature compiled by John W. Cousin (No. 449 in Everyman's Library), this reference volume is for all practical purposes a new work. Cousin's original volume, containing some 1,350 biographies, was compiled fifty years ago, and accordingly many of his articles needed bringing up to date both in the light of modern research and in the altered critical perspective of the present day. Some 350 of his biographies have therefore been replaced by entirely new articles, among the more important of the authors so treated being Jane Austen, both the Brownings, Burns, Byron, Emerson, Keats, Shakespeare, Shelley, and Wordsworth. In addition, all the remaining biographies have been subjected to a complete overhaul which in many cases comes not far short of rewriting.

New Authors

The most important feature of the new volume, however, is the addition of new authors from the last fifty years. About 300 of these had been dealt with in a necessarily makeshift manner in appendices added in recent years to the older volume. For all these authors new biographies have been written on the same scale as the rest of the entries, among the more important being Galsworthy, Hardy, Henry James, Kipling, Bernard Shaw, and H. G. Wells. In addition, there have been added about 650 biographies of authors who . . .

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  • London
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  • 1958


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