The Life and Works of D. H. Lawrence

The Life and Works of D. H. Lawrence

The Life and Works of D. H. Lawrence

The Life and Works of D. H. Lawrence


In D.H. Lawrence has created the need for a fresh and comprehensive survey of his work.

The present book makes a "total approach" to the subject. Biographically, little that is new can be added in relation to Lawrence's year of frame, which are rather fully recorded in his own letters and other writings and in the memoirs of those who had by that time realize the importance of noting all he did or said. But his early years have been neglected by biographers; they have contented themselves with drawing upon the reminiscences of Lawrence's sister and of his youthful sweetheart. This volume presents the fullest picture vet given of Lawrence's youth. Because after Lawrence's formative period his writings are the most important part of his life. these writings receive the principal emphasis thereafter. The biographical record continues throughout but the focus upon it is not intense as in the first section.

Critically, the present volume contains the fullest survey yet made of Lawrence's writings. Because he was primarily and most significantly an imaginative writer, his fiction and poetry receive the fullest treatment. The critical approach here is threefold: it provides information, interpretation, and evaluation.

The bibliographical checklist of Lawrence's writing is the completes yet made, and the appendixes contain additional data of various kinds. Appendix D investigates an unpublished manuscript of one of the earlier version of Sons and Lovers and throws some new light upon Lawrence's compositional methods.

The present book fulfills its deepest obligation to both reader and subject by permitting Lawrence, as possible, to speak for himself.

Babson Institute HARRY T. MOORE Babson Park, Massachusetts September 28, 1950 . . .

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