Energy Policy and Third World Development

Energy Policy and Third World Development

Energy Policy and Third World Development

Energy Policy and Third World Development


In designing policies to help resolve its energy problems, every country faces a unique set of conditions. Contributors to this volume profile the energy situation in the developing countries, assess the role of energy policy in Third World development, and discuss the global energy situation in relation to these countries' consumption, production, trade, and resource endowment. The rest of the volume provides researchers with different sources of information--statistical and bibliographic--relating to energy policy development in the Third World. Managing the increasing demand for energy is explored in depth.


I am pleased to know of the International Development Resources Book project. the 20 resource books which are published under this project, covering the whole spectrum of issues in the fields of development economics and international co-operation for development, and containing not only current reading materials but also up-to-date statistical data and bibliographical notes, will, I am sure, prove to be extremely useful to a wide public.

I would like to commend the author for having undertaken this very ambitious and serious project and, by so doing, rendered a most valuable service. I am confident that it will have a great success.

Gamani Corea

Secretary-General United Nations Conference on Trade and Development . . .

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