Schooling for Individual Excellence

Schooling for Individual Excellence

Schooling for Individual Excellence

Schooling for Individual Excellence


What does a man want? According to Alfred North Whitehead, one of our greatest modern philosophers:

Man wants to live. Man wants to live better. Man wants to live even better.

If one can accept this as a statement of the goals of man, then he can accept a philosophy which will provide each person the opportunity to start where he is and move ahead as fast and as far as his learning rate and capacity will let him.

American education seems to be on dead center -- unable to move forward to use what we know in the behavioral sciences and unwilling to turn back to a traditionalism which would subject children to a lockstep even more rigid than we see in today's schools.

The business of this book is to explore the possibilities of new arrangements in the school for helping each individual attain his maximum growth potential. It will, in short, attempt to set forth the nature and purpose of what I have called the Multilevel Philosophy. It will also give some illustration of the work done so far in the articulation of this philosophy in the four basic elements of the education process: (1) the child; (2) the teacher; (3) the supervisor-administrator; (4) the parent-taxpayer.

The book will seek to clear the air for some practical thinking . . .

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