Language, Mind, and Brain

Language, Mind, and Brain

Language, Mind, and Brain

Language, Mind, and Brain


Examines facets of language, including logic & language, artificial language intelligence, animal communication, representation, intensions, & metaphor.


The chapters in this volume are extended versions of material first presented at the National Interdisciplinary Symposium on Language, Mind, and Brain held April 6-9, 1978, in Gainesville, Florida. The Symposium was sponsored by The Society for the Interdisciplinary Study of the Mind (SISTM) and the University of Florida through the financial assistance of the Sloan Foundation. Professor Simon was the organizer and director of the Symposium.

The aim of the Symposium was to provide a context in which philosophers, computer scientists, linguists, and psychologists could focus attention on language in order to generate a truly interdisciplinary (as opposed to multi- disciplinary) approach to problem solving within the cognitive sciences. The commonality of concerns among the scholars represented here--in particular, the concerns with "representation" and "context "--provides overt evidence of the potential for an interdisciplinary study of language.

Importantly for interdisciplinary goals, the papers contained in this volume are quite "available"; that is, papers by philosophers can easily be read and understood by linguists and psychologists; the ideas of the linguists are readily comprehensible to any educated reader; the psychologists and neurologically- oriented writers are clear and understandable. It is, then, a volume that cuts, not so much across disciplines, but through them. For this, we are grateful and proud.

The very same source of our pride also provided an editorial headache. Since we could not group the contributions according to disciplines, a motivated ordering principle had to be found elsewhere. The best we could do was a somewhat shaky line between those whose orientation is more toward the theoretical and . . .

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