A Guide to Academic Writing

A Guide to Academic Writing

A Guide to Academic Writing

A Guide to Academic Writing


A comprehensive guide to academic writing and publishing, this volume approaches its subject from a descriptive foundation for understanding academic tenure and promotion decisions. The book then treats the considerations for selecting the avenues open to an academic for publishing: conference papers, grants, journals, scholarly books, texts, and popular or trade books. Each avenue is given a chapter-length discussion. Electronic media is also described in detail and the book concludes with a view of the marketing of the book product.


Undoubtedly the most common topic of discussion among new academics is the requirement for publication. Getting published is essential to a successful career in higher education. Likewise, the seasoned professor, contemplating promotion and/or prominence in the field, often wishes to branch out into new kinds of publication ventures. Professionals in an organization allied to the academic institution also seek information about competing in the academic publications arena.

To all of these needs this book is addressed. As a handbook on academic publishing, the work is intended to provide basic information on getting into academic print. I have approached academic publishing from the traditional academic triangle. I consider the contributions of work in the classroom to be publishable material. Service-based accomplishments such as consultation and speeches also merit consideration for potential writing and publication. And, of course, research and general scholarship contribute to our ability to publish. The book addresses the why's and how's of developing publishable manuscripts based upon an individual scholar's likes and accomplishments in each of these service areas.

Chapters treat the mechanics of producing articles for scholarly journals, conference papers, and successful grant writing to support academic activities. There are also individual chapters describing scholarly, text, and trade book publications.

I believe you will find this book interesting and useful.

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