D. H. Lawrence: The Man Who Lived


Harry T. Moore, major biographer and pioneer in Lawrence scholarship, characterizes this book as "altogether one of the truly fine critical and expository volumes on the man whom so many major critics now regard as the outstanding English writer of this century."

The 27 essays in this book are divided into 8 parts: An introductory section; Lawrence's Short Stories; The Textual Edition of Lawrence's Works; Ideas and Techniques; Lawrence's Major Works; Lawrence and Women; The Textual Edition of Lawrence's Letters; and Some Conclusions.

Contributors include Ernest Tedlock, "Lawrence's Voice: A Keynote Address"; Gerald Pollinger, "The Lawrence Estate"; Michael Black, "The Works of D. H. Lawrence: The Cambridge Edition"; and Warren Roberts, "Problems in Editing D. H. Lawrence." Other established scholars include George J. Zytaruk, "Editing Lawrence's Letters: The Strategy of Volume Division"; Mark Spilka, "Lawrence versus Peeperkorn on Abdication; or, What Happens to a Pagan When the Juice Runs Out? ";L. D. Clark, "Immediacy and Recollection: The Rhythm of the Visual in D. H. Lawrence (with photographs by La Verne Harrell Clark)"; James C. Cowan, "D. H. Lawrence and the Resurrection of the Body"; and Harry T. Moore, "The Prose of D. H. Lawrence."

Other scholars contributing to this book are Keith Cushman, John S. Poynter, Ian MacNiven, Peter H. Balbert, Michael Squires, Sandra M. Gilbert, Emile Delavanay, Scott Sanders, Charles L. Ross, and Charles Rossman. There are also essays by Armin Arnold, Lydia Blanchard, Evelyn J. Hinz and John J. Teunissen, James T. Boulton, Gerald M. Lacy, David Farmer, and Keith Sagar.

Additional information

Includes content by:
  • Ernest Tedlock
  • Gerald Pollinger
  • Keith Cushman
  • John S. Poynter
  • Ian S. MacNiven
Publisher: Place of publication:
  • Carbondale, IL
Publication year:
  • 1980


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